DUI and Traffic

A Criminal Traffic or DUI arrest can have lasting consequences on your criminal record, your ability to drive, and your insurance premiums.  While these charges are typically misdemeanor cases, there are occasions when a traffic offense can be charged as a felony.  Certain circumstances (ex: Bodily Injury, Repeat Offenses, Leaving the Scene of an accident) can increase the level of the crime, and potential consequences.

Criminal Traffic or DUI

In the State of Florida, there are two separate cases that accompany a DUI arrest. The first case is in the criminal justice system, while the second case is argued in the administrative process of the Department of Motor Vehicles. Both cases can affect your driver’s license suspension and access to hardship licensing, while the criminal charge can expose you to mandatory fines and potential jail time.

Being charged with a DUI can be a stressful and embarrassing process. It is important to hire an attorney to evaluate your case adequately. The case must be reviewed to determine if the officer(s) correctly stopped your vehicle, if the officer(s) were permitted to require or request submission to Field Sobriety Exercises and/or a Breath Alcohol Test, and if the officer(s) violated any of your constitutional rights.